At Knick Knacks we are proud our vendors and the unique talents they bring to our store. Each month we will highlight a vendor, their merchandise and why they love what they do!

The General Store – Sandra Minatra (Owner)

  1. How long have you been at Knicks?
    About 27 years of the 29 years Knicks has been serving Duncanville. Started with one very tiny booth, and steadily grew, thanks to the support of many loyal customers.
  2. Motivation to start own business? What did you do before?
    My husband and I had an antiques shop with a couple of friends but had to close it when our building was sold. I missed buying/selling vintage things as a side business and decided to set up a shop at Knick Knacks. My full-time career work included: managing editor of a daily newspaper, high school journalism and photography teacher, congressional staff member, Texas children’s charity staffer, and public relations director for a large North Texas healthcare system. Searching for old stuff and fascinating finds is a lifelong passion.
  3. What items do you sell and where find your unique treasures?
    The General Store — like its name implies — offers a little bit of everything in antiques, vintage, and new. Some specialty areas include sewing, patterns, artist supplies, cookbooks, journals, Bibles/faith books, cast iron pans, tools, kitchen things, teapots, wooden boxes, small wall storage pieces, glassware, spare furniture parts, costume jewelry, crafts totes and supplies, denim jackets, small lamps and framed art. Store goods are picked from an array of sources including estates, thrifts and sales venues from North Texas to the Ozarks.
  4. What do you like about owning your own business and having your store at Knicks?
    It’s enjoyable to seek, stock, arrange, and sell small treasures that I find and like… and hope others will also find interesting. I looked at malls all around DFW before choosing Knicks because it was located convenient to my work and home, and has a good mix of items and vendors, plus caring owners and staff, and great customers.
  5. Besides running The General Store, what other hobbies do you have?
    My interests include camping, hiking, stained glass, sewing, restoring vintage furniture, reading, journaling, and serving as mom to Oz the Wizard cat. My husband and I enjoy time at a getaway cabin in the Ozarks, where some fun finds are gathered to share at Knick Knacks.