Let’s Get Know Felipe!

How long have you been at Knick Knacks? What is your business name?
I set up my booth the first week of November of 2022. I have been at Knick Knacks for 6 months. My business name is FVG Nitro Garage. Initially, the name came from a custom Hot Wheel I marketed some 20 years ago. FVG are my initials, if you are wondering!

What motivated you to start your own small business?
My motivation would be that I have quite a bit of diecasts to sell. As they say, you can’t take it with us, so time to sell!

What do you like about owning your own business and having your small business at Knick Knacks?
The thing I enjoy about this business is that I know, and enjoy, collecting, selling and knowing others with the same passion. I came to Knick Knacks through recommendations. I believe that Knicks Knacks is a good fit for what I sell. I also know some people here, which is a big plus!

What did you do before Knick Knacks? Are you working now?
For 40 years I was in Graphic Design and Illustration, with emphasis on image retouching.
I am now semi-retired.  I also work at estate sale prepping. Eventually, my goal is to set up displays at Art Shows.

What do you sell?
I mainly sell diecasts, like Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Johnny Lightnings and other brands. I also collect and sell vintage toys and memorabilia.

When not at Knick Knacks, what are your hobbies?
My hobbies include collecting diecast toys (imagine that), photography, canvas painting, road travel and biking.

Any last words?
If you catch me at Knick Knacks, stop by and see me! I enjoy a good talk, but not politics (ha, ha).